Your resume is a chance to make a positive first impression

on someone who might hire you.

Job Applicant Tools

It’s very important that you have a good resume to share with potential employers. In addition to making a positive first impression, it’s a valuable marketing tool. Think about yourself lined up next to your fellow job candidates. Now ask yourself what might make you stand out, get the attention of employers, and get you hired. That’s what you need to put in your resume.


Here are some job tools to help guide you through your job search.

What is a Resume?

A brief explanation of what it does and how it will help you.

How to Write a Resume

This outlines the various sections of a resume and how to complete them.

Sample Resume

This example will give you an idea of what your resume should look like once it’s complete.

Resume Template

This template will make it easier to get started on your own resume.

Sample Cover Letter

Resumes are usually accompanied by a cover letter. This will help you write yours.

TeenForce Employee Tools

When you get hired and are working at your new job, you might need a few additional tools. If you do, you’ll find them here.

Time Cards

Use these cards to track your working hours so your employer can process your paycheck.

Workers Compensation Documents

If you get injured at your job, you’re entitled to wages and medical benefits. These documents will explain them in more detail.