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Is It Worth It To Try Tinder Without Paying?

Over the years, the online dating scene has taken over the World. Unsurprisingly this has caused an influx of various dating websites and apps that have gained a user base of millions of people all over the world.

Today we have hundreds of dating websites and apps offering a wide variety of different features. Of all these online dating platforms, Tinder still remains at the top of the food chain.
With its simple user interface, it has amassed a huge user base and still remains the dating app with the highest number of users.

Needless to say, Tinder then decided to capitalize over it and introduced several paid features on their app, but is it worth it?

Are you confused about whether you should invest money in this app? Through this article, I will list down certain facts which will help you decide if it’s worth investing money in Tinder and how different does use a paid version of Tinder feel from the free version.


About Free Tinder

In this part, I will focus more on the free version of Tinder and discuss what it has to offer to the people.

Tinder does not specifically target people of a specific category, it has something to offer for everyone, right from people who are into casual flings and hook-ups to people looking forward to long and serious relationships.

Unlike other apps on the play, store Tinder can be used for several purposes. Unlike apps such as “BeNaughty” or “AshleyMadison” which are solely dedicated to casual hook-ups, people can use Tinder for making new friends, getting more connections, etc.

When it comes to dating, nothing should be more complicated. It should be as simple as meeting someone, have a good conversation, and hence get an accurate estimation as to whether you see that person as a potential partner.

And that’s exactly what Tinder has to offer, Tinder is based on a simple set of principles, “Match, Chat, Date”

Keeping in mind that the majority of people nowadays have shifted to the use of portable gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. Tinder has fully optimized itself for mobile phones.


So what exactly does Free Tinder have to offer?

The downloadable app itself is completely free of cost and is available for download to everybody across all platforms from IOS to Android.

While Tinder is primarily targeted towards mobile phone users, there is also a desktop version available for people who insist on using it on their laptops or PCs.

So what can a person expect once they download the free version of Tinder?

Well, upon downloading the free version the first thing people have to do is to register through their email ID and phone number.

Registration can also be done directly through FB or Google.

The next step is to build your profile which consists of uploading a profile photo and then filling your details in the bio. And your profile is done.

One thing to keep in mind whenever you use this app is to always keep the geo-location of your phone on. It is compulsory and helps you find potential partners in your locality.

To search for potential partners, you need to set your preferences through filters such as age, and sex of the partner you’re looking forward to date.

You can also set a distance limit, and the app will search the potential partners for you within that distance.

Then you can begin the process of swiping. While swiping you have the option of doing one super like per day.

The app also allows you to control what you see; with balanced recommendations, it will display users based on different factors such as activity, etc.

Also, if you match with someone who keeps harassing you and you don’t wish to have any conversation with this person, you also have the option to un-match or block this person, so that they no longer have access to your account.

If you’re tired of swiping people all day, you can always disable the option which is called “Show me on Tinder”. This will give you access to only those profiles with whom you’ve previously matched and you will no longer be visible to others.

But the best feature that comes in this app is the “smart photos” feature which keeps a track of all the photos in your bio that get the most swipes and automatically places the ones which get the most swipes on your main bio.

This increases the chances of you getting a match up to approximately 13%

So these were all the features that are available in the free version of Tinder.

List Of Features Available In Tinder Gold And Tinder Plus:

Needless to say, all the features available in the free version of the app are also available in the paid version as well. Aside from those, here’s a list of some extra features which are also available.

1. Tinder Boost:
This feature allows you to place your profile right on the top of the queue for about 30 minutes. This is a great way to increase the potential viewers of your profile

2. Super Boost:
This feature is exactly like the previous feature, but better. The “Super Boost” will locate your profile first on the line and boost the chances by a whopping 100 times.

3. Super like:
Unlike the free version that only provides one super like a day, the paid version allows you to do unlimited swipes

4. Recently Active:
Very similar to the “Balanced Recommendations” option in the standard free version of the app, this version will give you an insight into the comparatively active members with whom you have previously matched.

5. Top Picks:
Through this feature, the app generates a list of all the users that it thinks are the best choice for you, based on your profile.

6. Rewind:
This feature will help you view the previous profile again in case you change your mind about the previous profile.

7. Hide Age/Distance:
If you don’t intend to let people know your age and your location through this feature you can always hide your personal details from them

8. Passport Feature:
This feature allows you to manipulate your location to any other place throughout the globe with the comfort of being at your home.

9. Traveler Alert:
This feature is also available in the IOS and Google Play Store and alerts you if the location you’re about to enter could be potentially dangerous

10. Photo Verification:
This feature allows you to perform self-authentication. Basically, with this feature, the user is asked for a bunch of real-time selfies and then these pics are compared with the already uploaded ones.

11. Swipe Night:
This feature asks you to choose from a list of adventures that you are interested in and then suggests people that have made the selections as you.

12. Tinder U:
This feature allows students to display their school colors, this way they will be available to swipe through profiles of their classmates. The app will also display profiles from other campuses as well.

13. Read Receipt:
This feature can be purchased in batches 5, 10, and 20. Through this feature, you will be able to know whether the person has read your message or not.

14. Noonlight:

The “Noonlight” feature acts as a panic button within the app. With the help of this feature the users are allowed to share the time, place, and the name of the person they choose to go out with, in case of an unfortunate circumstance.

All the above-mentioned features are available in both Tinder Plus as well as Tinder Gold which are the paid versions of Tinder. The only difference between Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold is that the Gold version costs a bit more and comes with an added feature that allows you to see which profile has liked you.

So needless to say, the paid versions of Tinder are much better and offer a wide variety of features that make your dating experience even better. So if you have the extra money, purchasing the paid versions is definitely worth it.

You should also supplement Tinder with cold approach and just approaching every beautiful girl you see when you’re out and about doing whatever you do. Whether that is going to buy groceries or going to the gym. You don’t have to be a creep and have to calibrate your approaches based on the location you are approaching in. But it is pretty easy to have an incredible dating life by just putting yourself out there with every opportunity you get.

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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Text?

Initiating a conversation with a girl that you know well isn’t that difficult, you already have a very good idea as to what she likes to talk about, things that interest her, and how to grab her attention.

Although, when it comes to texting a girl who you’ve never talked to before, it might prove to be rather tricky.

So how exactly do you initiate a conversation with a girl on text? Well, here’s the deal, the safest and the most appropriate way to start a conversation with a girl is to start asking her the vaguest questions possible. Now, why is that so?

Keep in mind that you have just gotten her number, this is just the beginning of your journey and you probably don’t know anything about her whatsoever, so by asking the vaguest question possible you basically take the simplest first step in getting to know the girl that you’re talking to. You can also use these things when you’re cold approaching women in the street. We also have an in-depth article about how you can successfully do that here. So check that out as well.

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Here’s a list of some ideal vague questions that you can ask.

1. “So, What Was The Best Part Of Your Day Today?”

This is the simplest way to know more about the girl that you’re talking to. By asking this you can easily find out what exactly she likes, dislikes, what parts of the day stand out for her, and what parts of a regular busy day she finds rather mundane.

2. “So What Type Of Things Make You Laugh?”

This question really works, as by asking her this, you will force her to think about all the things that make her really happy and make her laugh.
Just by asking things that make her laugh you instantly put a smile on her face, which ultimately sheds a positive light on you and she will always associate you with positivity and happiness.

3. “What’s Your Favorite Place To Hangout”

This question is also great as it works both ways. While you make her think positively, you also get to know the place she likes to hang out at.
This says a lot about her, if she likes to hang out at bars or pubs, she’s probably a social butterfly, if she mentions a hill station or the countryside then she’s a wanderlust traveler, if her answer is an eatery then she’s a foodie. Hence this is a great question to know more about her.

4. “Which Is Your All-Time Favorite Movie?”

We watch a lot of movies but oftentimes there’s this one movie that has a special bond with us that we just can’t seem to overcome no matter how old it gets. Everybody has such a movie in their mind and what kind of movie it is, say’s a lot about them.

When asked this question, people always give in to their nostalgic feelings which then leads to a very fruitful and meaningful conversation.

5. “Currently, What Are You The Most Ambitious About?” or “What’s Next Big Goal?”

Now this question can prove to be a rather tricky one as it really depends on the personality of the girl to who you’re asking it. If the girl you’re talking to is highly ambitious and passionate about her career, then this proves to be a great conversation starter for her.

But, if the girl you’re talking to is rather laid back and content with the way things are in her life, you might not get much of a conversation out of her. So, think wisely before asking this question.

6. “What Is Your Favorite Way To Spend The Weekend?”

Let’s be honest, weekdays are always so predictable! People are always busy in their jobs and don’t really do much aside from that.

Weekends are the days when people truly lay back and do what they love to do. Asking this question is a great way of knowing her hobbies, her workout routine, her favorite book to read, etc.

7. “What Kind Of Music Do You Prefer?”

These days it’s hard to find someone who does not listen to songs.

With such a wide range of artists and music available to everybody online, each individual has developed an interest in a particular genre be it the latest trending songs on Instagram reels, the latest hits in the world of Hip-hop, the classic rock songs of the ‘70s / ‘80s / ‘90s or just hard-core Heavy Metal.

When it comes to music, everybody has their own cup of tea and it says a lot about that person, so asking this question is a great way to engage her in an interesting conversation.

8. “What Type Of A Kid Were You During Your Childhood?”

One thing you must have noticed about yourself is that you are no longer the kind of person that you once used to be during your childhood.

Over the years you have truly changed and outgrown your childhood personality, despite that, you always share a deep bond with your childhood self which never fades away.

The person you are now is mostly just the outcome of how the World has shaped you to be, while your true self is still somewhere lost in the past.

The reason why this question works so well as a great conversation starter is because it really opens up Pandora’s box of feelings and emotions from within you that you hold dearly to yourself.

9. “What’s A Question That Should I Ask You, That You Don’t Think I’d Ever Ask You By Myself?”

This question is something that might prove to be a hit or a miss. While the question itself is a great one, what it really does is essentially just put the ball in her court so she has to do the job herself.

It’s a commonly known fact that girls talk to several guys on a daily basis and there’s not a question that she hasn’t been asked.

In such situations, chances are that she might get used to answering certain questions while in her head there might be things that she’d always love to talk about but no one really asks her about.

So, this question is a great way to let her open up about herself, and also in that way you’d stand out when compared to the several other guys she talks to.

I hope this article has helped you get an idea as to how to initiate a conversation, I hope you have a great day and best of luck!