How To Approach A Woman On The Street

It takes time and effort to truly master the art of approaching a woman in the street. The idea of approaching a woman out of nowhere in the middle of a busy street can most certainly and understandably be intimidating.

One of the major reasons why guys hesitate from approaching women is simply because they are not confident enough as to what the outcome could turn out to be.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves to be in embarrassing situations and then unfortunately end up facing rejection. This happens because while we’re very ambitious about our motives we don’t put enough time and effort into practicing our skills.
Albeit, men who truly put time and effort to master the fundamentals of how to approach a girl no longer face that issue. If you are also looking forward to learning these fundamentals and putting the effort into approaching a woman, keep reading this article.


Maintaining Eye Contact

Approaching a woman that you don’t know is always easier once you know that you’re invited to do so. And the best way to get an invitation is through eye contact.

Once you find the girl that you wish to approach, before approaching her, the first thing you need to do is try to catch her attention by making eye contact with her.

Once you catch her attention, there are two things that can happen, either she looks away or she holds eye contact.

Now, if you happen to be in the first case scenario, then I’m sorry to say she’s not interested. She’s probably committed or looking for someone else, so if she looks away immediately, please move on, because then if you approach her you might appear to be a stalker, which is not good.

Now if you find yourself in the second scenario, there’s a good chance that she might be interested in you. What to do next? Don’t worry, don’t let anxiety show on your face, relax and give a casual smile. This will prove to be helpful for making the perfect first impression.

You’ll appear to be confident, relaxed, and a funny guy.


What Is The Best Way To Cold Approach A Woman?

Now you’ve taken all the right steps, you’ve caught the eye of the woman and she responds well, what to do next?
The next step is the approach.

A perfect approach relies heavily on your body language, so as you approach a woman, keep your back straight, keep your shoulders relaxed, and smile in a relaxed and confident manner.

Girls are much more responsive and inclined to have a conversation with you if you are confident. Hence approaching a girl with the above-mentioned body language will show her that you’re a friendly and confident guy.

This really helps, as the biggest mistake men make is falling prey to anxiety during their approach. There’s not a bigger turn-off for a woman to see a man approaching her in an increasingly anxious manner. It shows that you’re not clear with your intentions and have no confidence whatsoever.

And in the worst-case scenario in your failed attempts to approach a woman while anxious, you might end up looking like a stalker and she’ll be creeped out by you.

What’s worse than an anxious approach? Not approaching at all. The biggest mistake a guy can make is to not approach her at all!

The idea of approaching a woman can be scary and if you’re not confident enough you might start overthinking to the point that you lose your confidence altogether and end up not approaching her at all.

We often convince ourselves that this is not the right moment and choose to wait for the “right moment” to come and end up doing nothing at all.

Now how to counter these flaws? A great trick that has always worked for me is following the three-second rule. According to this rule, once you’ve succeeded in establishing eye contact as seen above, you run a timer in your head.

Make sure in your head that you have to approach this girl within three seconds, this will motivate you to walk up to her as soon as possible and you automatically appear confident to the girl as well.


How To Stop A Girl On A Busy Street?

Approaching a girl in a busy street is understandably trickier than approaching a girl in a bar or a club as there are high chances that the girl must be busy on her way to work and you approaching her would slow her down and she starts seeing you as an inconvenience.

So how do you approach a girl on a busy street? Simple, just follow these steps,

1. Never approach a girl from the back, you need to make sure that your interaction seems as natural as possible, so my suggestion would be to stand 8 to 12 feet ahead of her, and approach her as soon as she nears you.

2. While interacting here, maintain strict eye contact, if you keep looking everywhere else this sends out a signal that you’re nervous which you do not want. Keep in mind that you have to look as confident as possible, so maintain eye contact as much as you can.

3. Now once you approach her, and have started interacting with her, keep in mind that you don’t get too close to her, maintain a respectable distance from her. You’re asking her out for a date, and not kidnapping her so she should feel like that.

So, make sure that you keep an arm’s length distance between her and yourself.

4. Now when you stop her, do it by saying something casual like “Excuse me” or “Hey can I talk to you for a sec” as it feels more natural and not too invasive.

In the end, approaching a cute girl on a busy street is the same as stopping someone if you have lost your way and needed directions.

The only difference is that you’re not actually looking for directions anywhere, you’re just looking forward to having a friendly conversation which may or may not lead to a date (depending on how well it goes).

I hope this article was helpful to you and you now have a clearer perspective as to how to approach your dream girl and ask her out on a date.